The paths chosen today determine our future. The future of our world. The future of us. It is a simple reality that looms ahead and yet its paradigms are full of complexity.

As I look over the horizon to take a peek at things to come, awareness is our only shield. Shifts and trends move fast and they shape businesses and life on our planet. We do not always foresee them. We do not always react to them in a timely fashion. This can hurt us. Keeping a vigilance for the possibilities provided by science and technology is part of our task as caretakers of this world. If we do not see, if we do not ask, if we do not question, we may very well wake up one day in a world no longer of our own making.


As science and technology advances, we face new possibilities and new challenges that will influence who we eventually become and where we end up. The impact of these advancements must remain a choice. Yet, change happens slowly and can be quite insidious. Accordingly, it is paramount to maintain an understanding of what we face so we can claim the right to decide what we want… or not.


ANG CITY 2098,


While the world of NEWDAWN is based on science fiction, it is also set on some science, innovation and technology. The future holds a powerful grip on us and as we seek to conquer the unknown, we may very well defy natural laws. The story of NEWDAWN deals with some of these laws…