Testimonials on NEWDAWN Saga as the NEWDAWN Series Continues!

Discover testimonials for NEWDAWN REBOOT… and dive into the NEWDAWN Universe.

The 2098 Timeline Opens Up with a Series of Memorable Characters.

Some of these intrepid characters, you will already know from the previous books.

Others characters are new to this Saga, enhancing the story of this volume  to bring about an odyssey across time and space that everyone will remember.

Enjoy our Future with NEWDAWN… Join our characters in 2098.

Book Summary:

The safe world of Ang City, under the DAINN planetary network, is no longer predictable for the stronger human species that now roams the planet.

The technologically advanced society of genetically enhanced humans organized in conclaves and living in 2098, is now run by the younger generation,

when it suddenly falls prey to an unknown bio dust cloud.


As people collapse dead or disappear, a way of life becomes extinct and the few survivors scramble to reverse the effects on their fragile world.

Among them, Eva and Aidan lead the charge and fight to survive finding allies in factions that would have normally opposed them in the conflict.

This battle transcends time and space over many lifetimes, and is a beginning with no end in sight.

Peter 2

Testimonial on NEWDAWN Saga by Peter Michael Biondolillo

Stephanie Drapeau

Testimonial on NEWDAWN Saga By Stephanie Drapeau

Matt Harrison

Testimonial on NEWDAWN Saga By Matt Harrison

Allyssa Jimenez

Testimonial on NEWDAWN Saga By Alyssa Jimenez

CJ Forst

Testimonial on NEWDAWN Saga By CJ Forst

Natalie Kabenjian

Testimonial on NEWDAWN Saga By Natalie Kabenjian

Mandi Mellen

Testimonial on NEWDAWN Saga By Mandi Mellen


The NEWDAWN REBOOT Novel is the culmination of many lifespans over the course of decades.  It will be available later this year.  I wrote NEWDAWN REBOOT as the first book but in reality, based on the timeline from 2018 to 2098, it is most probably going to be the eight book in the saga.  I wanted to enter the story at a time where everything begins to unravel for our world and so I did…  How we arrive to this point and what happens next is yet to be discovered in the following books.

For the readers who wish to follow a chronological timeline, I recommend that you begin with NEWDAWN CENTRAL, the first book of the series.  The opening novel will introduce some of our main characters and begins the ancestral tree of the NEWDAWN Saga.  In the others books, you will be reunited with our main characters and introduced to the following generations as the story continues to unfold.