NewDawn Reboot: A New Frontier in Production

We had a talk with Dominique who tells us why she wrote NEWDAWN in this exclusive interview.

Set amidst glorious architecture with lushly futuristic decor, NEWDAWN – REBOOT shines an unwavering light into the complex reality of a technologically infused, performance driven society unfolding in 2098.

Based on the novel, NEWDAWN – REBOOT, written by Director/Producer, Dominique Luchart, this exciting science fiction odyssey takes us deep into the dynamics of a genetically engineered human world of the future. A virtual planetary network known as DAINN provides every aspect necessary for sustenance of our new and improved race, which is ironically run by the young.

Having produced, co-produced and been directly involved in 7 successful independent films, Dominique brings extensive experience that spans the realms of business, creative development, management and production. A prolific writer and visionary, Dominique lead her own US based advertising firm where she conceptualized, designed and oversaw corporate campaigns for national brands that yielded more than 50 ADDY awards. With achievements that include developing and directing pilots for children’s programming along with derivative products for ancillary markets, Dominique’s passion for creation knows no bounds. Thus, I was excited to sit down with Dominique and explore the beautiful balance of fantasy and thought provoking reality that is NewDawn Reboot.

What sparked your desire to write the novel that NEWDAWN – REBOOT is based upon?

I’ve always been drawn to peer over the horizon and imagine how the movements and ideas of today are shifting. As I looked at the current advances in science and technology, I thought about the potential trajectory of our quest to improve our lives through these realms.  Science fiction gives us the freedom and space to create new worlds and explore ways of life into the unknown. Whatever we can conceive of, can become reality, so it was a natural fit for bringing my own exploration bout into what I might do, be and face in a future life.

The emphasis in 2098 remains affixed to the power and desire of youth; is this a comment on today’s youth obsessed culture?

Looking at today’s youth I see an increasing desire to be center stage and outdo others in sometimes unusual ways. There is this fascination with being the hero or possessing skills that others don’t have at a young age. There is also a compulsion to be smarter, faster, bigger or more successful earlier. At the same time the direction of technology and science suggests we will no doubt accelerate mental capability and the development of special skills so I thought it was a natural extension of where we seem to be heading. Plus why not have the older generation be able to relax and actually enjoy the golden years that many people are missing out today because of economic issues. The interesting dilemma is that in carrying out all this responsibility, the young sacrifice the interpersonal learning and wisdom that comes with childhood. Still if I had the ability to be much more powerful and accomplish so much more when I was young, would I want that? I think yes, it would be kind of cool.

Some say life is cyclical; if history repeats, how do the goals and struggles people face in Angel City compare to those today in our City of Angels?

What I love about NEWDAWN is that it’s a new story environment that enable people to deal with today’s world issues tomorrow. There are definitely challenges we face that we’ll see become worse in 2098. Concerns such as the distribution of resources and the need for clean water have evolved and changed throughout the decades, though they’ve always been there in some way. Overpopulation will become more problematic with enhanced technology helping people live longer. We’ll see all of these same issues we are facing today intensified in the future.

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