December 29, 2017, Paris, France Windom Media Releases NEWDAWN ROAMERS, the First Novel of the NEWDAWN Saga series, a Scifi Fantasy Romance Adventure for Young Adults and the Young at Heart.

Following the December 5th event in Paris, Windom released NEWDAWN ROAMERS, the first novel of the NEWDAWN Saga penned by Dominique, and in stores this month. The book can be found at or on Amazon. The Saga revolves around the possible world of 2098 wired to DAINN (Distributed Artificial Intelligence Neural Network) which monitors and oversees the well-being and infrastructure of the entire planet, and where the young are at the epicenter of all decisions.

NEWDAWN ROAMERS takes a look at our future, and begins the series of volumes for the NEWDAWN Saga. Wired to an A.I., which oversees our well-being and runs the infrastructure of our entire planet, man is now monitored by DAINN in a technologically advanced society struggling for control and power… While life offers many benefits, the young take over from their elders at the ages of eighteen with a physiology better geared to align itself to the demands of a fast paced world. Older adults are relegated to mentorship programs or forced into self-exile. The huge Megapolis is managed by conclaves responsible for the rule of law under DAINN’s protective umbrella. When a cataclysm about to destroy everything looms on the horizon, the Council of Nations implements four different programs, Alpha, Origin, Provenance, and Aurora in an effort to save their civilization. The Origin program stands separate from the others. Tesh, head of the Institute’s conclave is selected to lead a team and enter the safety complex with her friends Leane, Streak, and Blast. Their mandate… change the future using their powers and training. In the darkness of their pods they leave behind everything they know… And await, in the deep sleep of their Cryogenic freeze to awaken somewhere in 2018 as ROAMERS. For more information about the story or the environment of NEWDAWN, visit

As a science fiction and fantasy series, NEWDAWN dives into the effect science and technology may have on our human species, and the adjustment to an A.I. running society by the time we reach 2098. The future perceived by the author, although bright in many ways transforms us into a new species, one who is smarter, stronger and faster, which enjoys a new type of longevity without illnesses. As an author and futurist, Dominique Luchart draws many parallels with our current challenges and evolution, with the understanding that our choices today will dictate what we encounter tomorrow. The NEWDAWN story offers glimpses of what we face as a society and a species, yet provides a new dimension into the future of our world, as climate change and genetic engineering, among many other things, plays a significant part in what makes the NEWDAWN Saga such an important story.

The launch of the novel begins one of the first step in the development of the NEWDAWN Network Fiction Channel and its upcoming platform. “NEWDAWN is more than a book, it’s a whole new universe!”

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