A Look Ahead Into The Future

A Look Ahead Into The Future

Humanity Becomes More…  Non-Biological Wins Over Biological Beings

This is what the future could be… one option among others.


Access to a diversity of implants and personal medical apparatus is the norm by 2098.  This is a predictable future. Artificial organs with unparalleled functionality,  bionic eyes  to grant vision at a distance and at night, better hearing so that one can hear conversations at a distance and distinguish sounds far away, intelligence augmentation through brain nano implants not forgetting memory increase, and even synthetic blood are all part of the package.  Better oxygenation, the ability to fight off deadly toxins and a stronger and healthier body is altogether available to the average citizen.

Stronger limbs through prosthetic arms and legs become routine for those who select it, giving them the ability to have super human strength and perform above average deeds.   The presence of artificial skin based on nanotechnology alters forever the appearance of a robot like skeleton.   It seems rather cool and certainly may have some advantages as part of a likely future.

The changes takes place slowly, almost imperceptibly over decades so that it becomes part of a new way of life, as explained in the NEWDAWN – REBOOT fiction novel.  These “imps” or implants are adopted by the population at large in various ways.  A powerful marketing machine has by now created the need for individual improvement in every country around the globe. Developing nations have joined this new trend due to price decrease as upgrades flood the marketplace.

The man of the future is someone far superior to the man of today.  Mentally and physically he is capable of doing more, faster and better.  He is stronger and healthier, and can live longer.  He is no doubt a force to be reckoned with due to the various devices implanted and is capable of surviving under harsher climate conditions.

This is one path.  Do we want to take it?  Are there others? Is that one future we welcome?

Dominique Luchart

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