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As I Look Over The Horizon

I love to watch the horizon, looking ahead to what might be… The advances of science and technology, and the innovations discovered every day inspire me to write about the future. A future that can still be defined by what we do or don’t…
While my writing takes the shape of science fiction and fantasy with the NEWDAWN Saga, and www.newdawnworld.net, a great part also belongs in the realm of the possible… From science fiction to science fact..



I belong to a movement existing all over our planet…
Those who keep tab on what the greatest minds of our time conjure…
Those of us who attempt to bridge the gap of what we know and what remains hidden behind closed doors, or so far ahead of our time that we don’t know it is even possible and still we imagine it might be.

We are the creative who envision what could be.
We are the adventurers who explore the edge of that world and report on it.
We are the watchers keeping an eye on the extremes and telling the story.
We are the trailblazers unafraid to go down unconventional alleys, the igniters who adopt things first after we decide we like them, the agents of change who spread the word so others can try it too.
We are leaders in many ways as we strive to inspire growth around us. Those who break boundaries because it make sense, even when the road ahead is tough.
We attempt to bridge the gap between what is known and unknown at every turn, although it may seem boring to some and crazy to others.
We live in a world without a box. It is, in a way part of our DNA. We belong to the big universal tapestry that tallies the steps of our evolution.



We are heading to the year of

Welcome to Ang City

From the NEWDAWN Saga and the series of novels starting with NEWDAWN ROAMERS, which introduces the Center and the world of Ang in 2098 to the NEWDAWN Blog that attempts to keep abreast of new discoveries in science and technology I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing all of it!Join me on this journey! See you on the path ahead




Exclusive interview with Dominique


Set amidst glorious architecture with lushly futuristic decor, NEWDAWN - REBOOT shines an unwavering light into the complex reality of a technologically infused, performance driven society unfolding in 2098.

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Welcome to 2098

Discover our possible future.

Let's go to 2098

The changes predicted by futurists around the globe, the scientific community at large and the technology gurus out there are significant in many domains. Is all of it possible? This is the question I ask myself everyday working on NEWDAWN…

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